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Jill Basile has 26+ years experience as a Medical  Aesthetician. She started her journey in ophthalmic plastics and reconstructive surgery and learned about many cosmetic procedures.

This is where her laser hair removal and laser rejuvenation journey began

Shortly there after she moved into dermatology and worked in dermatology for well over 17 years. Over the many years in dermatology she had acquired eight different laser certifications to treat various issues including hair removal, gender transition hair removal, rosacea, sun damage skin, leg veins, facial veins, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, acne, and other problematic skin conditions. She also offers Electrolysis for those stubborn white/gray hairs. She offered microdermabrasion and glycolic acid peels for various skin conditions.

Jill is certified in Microblading eyebrows. If you have no eyebrows or would like to enhance your brows then Microblading is for you!  

Jill takes meticulous photo documentation of your aesthetic journey so you can see the positive changes as your treatment progresses.


Jill lives in Harleysville and is married with two children and two dogs. She is a competitive triathlete in her spare time.

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